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The legend behind Timeless Timber(tm) Guitars made by William Paul Jarowsky originated in the late 1800's when the logging industry was at its highest peak in history. Huge quantities of wood were harvested at that time and floated by raft for processing. Many logs sank to the murky depths of the lakes surrounding the mills, and were forgotten until 1991 when diver Scott Mitchen uncovered them at the bottom of Lake Superior.

The wood was preserved in pristine condition due to being entombed in the icy oxygen depleted environment. In addition, bacteria had stripped all of the impurities, leaving billions of microscopic chambers throughout the wood. These chambers produce a rich resonance and tone depth unheard before now. Forest growth in the 1800's was dense. Trees had intense competition for sunlight, and therefore grew slowly. Timeless Timber(tm) is approximately 400 - 600 years in age depending on the particular piece, and has 40 to 50 growth rings per inch, compared with wood growing today, which has roughly 4 to 6 growth rings per inch. Learning of Mitchen's find, W. Paul Jarowsky of Waukesha, Wisconsin, sought and obtained exclusive guitar production rights to Timeless Timber(tm) for his original handmade, patented "sculptured soundport system" instruments. For more information on Timeless Timber(tm) please visit www.oldlogs.com

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