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The Guitars of William Paul Jarowsky

The objective of founder and designer, William Paul Jarowsky, was to construct a guitar which enhanced sound quality as well a playability. The result is the William Paul Jarowsky Original Patented Sculptured Soundport System Electric Series.

The design begins with a contoured hollowed body with neck-thru construction. From here, soundports are hand-sculpted into the body and lead directly into the guitars' hollow chamber. The effect of this construction is one that allows for a brilliant tone and a sustain that rings true and long.

As far as playability goes, the lightweight hollowed body and hand-sculpted wraparound design combine for a comfort that is unlike any other guitar. The no heel neck thru provides for effortless access to all 22 frets and all models are available in either 24 3/4: or 25 1/5" scale length to accommodate various playing styles.

In all , the refreshing contours are the byproduct of the engineering for sound quality. The result is a beautiful resonance and sustain.

Each and every guitar is equipped with the finest "state-of-the-art" hardware and all are hand-sculpted here in the United States.


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